PrintWithMe Printing Station at Black Cat LES

Print in black-and-white or color with the PrintWithMe print station at Black Cat LES in New York.

place 172 Rivington St New York, NY 10002

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Hours may vary

access_time Mon: 07:00AM-10:00PM
access_time Tue: 07:00AM-10:00PM
access_time Wed: 07:00AM-10:00PM
access_time Thu: 07:00AM-10:00PM
access_time Fri: 07:00AM-12:00AM
access_time Sat: 08:00AM-11:00PM
access_time Sun: 08:00AM-09:00PM

How To Print

Upload your documents via our web application.
Follow the instructions to complete your payment. Once you’re done, you’ll receive a unique secure release code.
Enter your secure release code on the printer’s touchscreen to print your documents.

Click the above button to go to our web app and start your order.

Alternatively, you can start your print order by email:

  1. Email your documents to
  2. We'll email you back with a link to confirm payment.
  3. You'll receive the unique secure release code used to print your documents.

Printing Rates

Page Cost


$.99 per page

2 - 5

+ $.39 per page

6 - 10

+ $.29 per page


+ $.19 per page

Page Cost


$1.19 per page

2 - 5

+ $.89 per page

6 - 10

+ $.79 per page


+ $.59 per page

Prices above reflect this location only and does not reflect discounts or promotions.